Few things are more frustrating than when the power goes out and you’re left in the dark, the food in your fridge in danger of spoiling, and your appliances completely dark. You can’t predict when this will happen and there is virtually nothing you can do to stop it.

If you do lose power, you can be prepared with a backup generator in your home.

Backup generators are not something every home may have on hand. But there are almost endless benefits to having one when the time comes. It’s an investment and it’s something you may never use but if it is needed, you’ll be incredibly happy you have it when it can turn your lights back on, get your appliances running again, and keep the heat or AC going.

Below are some of the top reasons you should invest in a backup generator.

Automatic Power

Backup generators are designed to come on as quickly as possible when the main power goes out. When the lights go out, the power from the generator will kick on within seconds to allow for minimal time between outage and power’s return. When the power comes back, the generator will shut off again. This seamless and automated system is ideal for storms and unexpected outages.

Heating & Cooling

One great part of keeping the power on as an added benefit, is keeping the heating and cooling active. If your power goes out in a storm where there is intense heat or cold, you’ll need to keep the heat or AC going to keep your home and family safe. A backup generator will do this for you automatically as it switches the power back on in a blackout.

Protects from Spikes

When the power comes back on, there can be dangerous voltages that occur. A backup generator protects your home from these spikes as power returns, preventing sparks, excessive heat, or other symptoms of a flare up of power during a storm.

Related Questions

What Does a Backup Generator Cost?

Depending on your needs, a backup generator begins, on average, somewhere around $2,000 for the hardware itself and then there will be a separate installation charge. Prices vary and increase depending on the model and how much you want powered in your home. These are one-time investments for years of security in your home during an outage. An electrical contractor will be able to help you pick what is best for your home.

How Do I Get One?

You can always ask a trusted local licensed electrician; they may have financing available. After you select your ideal backup generator, a professional electrician can install the equipment in your home safely and securely so it’s ready when the time comes.

If you’ve been considering a backup generator, now’s the time to get one. Do your research and give your home security during an outage.

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