You’ve heard the saying – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Especially as we enter these frigid winter months in an already unprecedented year, having a safety plan in place for your family is necessary for your peace of mind and their well-being.

So why is having a backup power generator so important?

When the lights go out, you’re not just left sitting in the dark scrambling for a match. You’re left without heat to keep you warm, air to keep your food fresh, and electricity to keep your home security system up-and-running. The list goes on, but let’s break down the five most important reasons why having a backup power source is not just recommended, but essential.

Prevent Food from Spoiling

Freak weather can spring without warning. When that happens, will you have enough fresh food to last for 24 hours? Maybe you’ve got pantries filled with crackers and cereal, but what about last night’s leftovers or this week’s meal prep? The milk you’ve got stored for young ones or the frozen nuggets stacked away for picky eaters? The middle of a natural disaster is no time to worry about where your next meal is coming from. With home generators, the food you’ve got in the fridge can stay fresh for as long as the storm lasts.

Work On

Think keeping food on the table, but less literally. If you’re running a business from home or work remotely, hours (or days) without WiFi can be detrimental to your livelihood. Home generators ensure that your electronics stay charged, your WiFi stays working, and your printer stays printing. Pre-pandemic, more than 26 million Americans worked remotely. If you’re one of them, don’t let the chance of harsh weather stop you from fulfilling your professional goals and feeding your family.

A Loved One Depends on Electricity

If you’ve ever relied on electricity for a heart monitor or oxygen tank (or cared for a loved one who does) then you know how terrifying a sudden loss of power can be. While most in your neighborhood may rush to light candles, find flashlights, and grab blankets, there’s nothing more pressing than a machine that keeps someone breathing. Don’t let storms jeopardize the people you live to protect.

Stay Secure

Many of us have home security systems for that extra peace of mind. But what happens to that peace of mind when the power lines shut off and our electricity is zapped? When freakish weather strikes, no one should have to add potential break-ins and burglaries to a long list of worries.

You Have A Sump Pump

To prevent basements from flooding, many smart homeowners install a sump pump that pumps away unwanted water to prevent damage. Unfortunately, without a backup generator, these investments disintegrate when it really counts. That’s because when the rainstorm arrives and your power shuts off, so does your below-ground solution. Not only do backup generators keep you safe, comfortable, and secure amid a heavy storm, they protect your property against all odds.

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So…Is It Worth The investment?

The average cost of a backup generator is several thousand dollars. While difficult to put a price on home safety, water damage alone can cost you far more, not to mention losses from a business that stands still, food that’s gone bad, and a loved one that’s suddenly at risk. Remember – livelihoods (and your lives) during a power loss or a scary hurricane are priceless. Consider home generators the ultimate life, business, and home insurance.


At the very least, backup generators save your peace of mind. At most, they save your life. If you’re putting off the purchase because the price tag sounds scary, consider this your reminder that thousands of dollars in preventable property damage and the loss of your loved ones is far scarier.

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