Power outages occur in all 50 states from time to time. Sometimes, meteorologists can predict the kind of violent weather that can cause power outages. Other times, there is little to no warning whatsoever before a home’s electricity is lost. Depending on the circumstances, the power to the house can be restored within hours, and in some extreme cases, electricity is not restored for weeks. This creates situations that vary from inconvenient to downright dangerous.

Installing a home generator is a great way to avoid losing power by investing in a backup power system.

Dangers of Losing Power

Losing power under any circumstances is inconvenient, annoying and certainly an unwelcome occurrence. During extended power outages, accidents are more likely to occur. People accidentally start fires in a variety of ways, including using candlelight to see. In frigid temperatures, people have been known to use propane grills indoors, accidentally leaking lethal gas inside the home.

In warm temperatures, food spoils quickly, leaving residents without food, and allowing refrigerated medications to spoil. Oxygen-dependent residents can quickly find themselves in peril. People who live in homes where the water is supplied by wells are also in dangerous situations.

Home Backup Generators

Home backup generators are automatic units that are typically installed by professional electricians. As the term “automatic” suggests, the generator kicks on immediately upon the interruption of power to the house. Some generators provide power to designated zones of the home, and others are whole house generators.

Professional Installation

It is imperative that a professional electrician install a home’s backup power system. Generators are powerful equipment that utilize large amounts of electricity. If installed improperly, they can cause serious damage to a home’s electrical wiring. Electrical arcs can also occur, which have been known to start fires.

By hiring a professional electrician, you have the peace of mind that a fully licensed, insured, experienced and competent contractor is responsible for the installation of your generator. This means having the assurance that the job has been done right. A professional electrician will answer all of your questions before, during and after the installation process, and will perform extensive testing to ensure that the generator has been properly installed.

Conclusion: Comfort and Safety

Having a backup power system offers you comfort and convenience. It also can increase the overall value of your home. Instead of struggling in the dark, with no control over your home’s temperature and dealing with potential safety hazards, you will have all the benefits of a powered house. Professionally installed generators are affordably priced, including the installation itself, and represent an excellent investment.

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