Every month you get your utility bills and you may find yourself surprised as an unexpectedly high sum on your electric bill. It’s not uncommon to find yourself shocked by the number on your electric bill. You’re not the only one and often there are easy solutions to figuring out where the numbers come from and where the drains are happening. Often, it’s not because you’re being overcharged and scammed, but because something is off with your system.

Many times, the only way you know something is wrong with your electrical is because the energy bill shows it to you.

When your energy bill is unexpectedly high but everything else seems to be functioning fine, it’s usually the first sign of some sort of system malfunction. There are still some other reasons your bill might be high, not necessarily connected to a malfunction, but when you’re unable to pinpoint the cause, it’s often something unseen.

Below are some of the common reasons you might find yourself dealing with a higher than expected energy bill.

Escaping Air

Often drafts or leaks can cause the temperature in your home to fluctuate and the system needs to compensate. The result is often a kick on the AC system constantly that drains the energy in your home and is bad for the environment. Start by looking at your AC use and see if it seems high. If you notice higher than usual AC usage, it may because of a problem with the air in your home and insulation.

Plugged in Appliances

If you’re not noticing issues with your AC, then it’s likely from appliance use. If you’re not aware of using appliances more than normal, it may be because appliances that are plugged in but not in use still use energy. These are sometimes called “vampire appliances” because even in standby mode they sap energy from your home and cost you an excessive amount of money as a result.

Electrical System Errors

You want to rule out faulty electrical systems as a cause of your high energy bill. It can’t hurt to have electrician come in and take a look at your system to see if any faults or system errors are causing an overload of use. This could be because of faulty or out of date wiring, a broken electricity meter, or other faulty mechanics.

Related Questions

Is my time-of-use plan a factor?

Many people have opted in or been forced into a time-of-use plan which charges different rates depending on the time of day energy is being used. Check with your electric company to make sure.

How can I permanently fix my high electricity bills?

One option is to talk to your electrician about installing a QuietCool House fan. It’s a whole house fan and an attic fan together that can help consumers save money, enjoy better health, and cool their home for just pennies an hour. QuietCool saves customers up to 50-90% off A/C related electricity costs. Something to think about!

Talk to your electrician today about your higher than expected electric bill and find ways to fix it before it dings your wallet too much.

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