Summer electric bills can be a killer. When the air conditioning must run day and night, the kilowatts add up quickly, costing you big dollars for every hour it runs.

Many people are familiar with the benefits of ceiling fans, which allow them to cool a room by as much as 10 degrees, reducing the load on the air conditioner and helping save money and the environment. Imagine if you could have that benefit for your entire home!

You can with a Quiet Cool whole house fan.

In fact, the benefits are even better because whole house fans are the only cooling technology that can reduce temperatures by up to 20 degrees in minutes!

In hot climates, whole house fans are a lifesaver. In moderate climates, whole house fans can cool the home by themselves on many summer days, allowing you to use air conditioning selectively during extreme heat waves.

Whose House Fans Primer

  • Electricians usually install whole house fans in the attic, between the ceiling and living space
  • Whole house fans are used when the outside temps are cooler than the inside, such as at night or the early morning
  • The fan distributes the cooler air throughout your home, which replaces the hot air and rapidly cools the whole house
  • The fan pulls cool air into the attic, resulting in less stress on the air conditioner because it no longer must compete with the hot air in the attic
  • Operates at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning

How Whole House Fans Work

Whole house fans have been popular since the 1950s, especially in hot climates. They work in a similar way to an exhaust system. They pull cooler outside air into the home and displace the hot air.

When operating, a whole house fan pulls hot air into the attic. Because of positive pressure, the hot attic air is pushed out through the vents and gables. While this is occurring, negative pressure is exerted on the living area. While the fan is operating, you leave the windows open, which allows the negative pressure to draw cooler air in through them.

Some people confuse attic fans with whole house fans. Though whole house fans are installed in the attic, they serve a different purpose than attic fans. Whole house fans cool the entire home or building, while attic fans solely cool the attic.

In climates that are mild and temperate, a whole house fan can completely eliminate the need to have air conditioning, such as central whole house air conditioning. The operating cost of a whole house fan is much cheaper than running air conditioners.

Benefits of a Quiet Cool Whole House Fan

Quiet Cool whole house fans are inexpensive and drastically boost energy efficiency. They cost just pennies per hour to run and often render air conditioning unnecessary, and when the sizzling heat arrives, they allow your air conditioner to work like it’s a cool day.

Home improvement experts point out that a whole house fan can be run at one-tenth the cost of air conditioning. Often, homeowners can reduce their warm weather energy costs by up to 80 percent by simply installing and using a whole house fan.

In addition to the energy efficiency, Quiet Cool whole house fans are designed to run softly. Some people have strayed away from older whole house fan models because they are noisily. But Quiet Cool whole house fans are exceptionally quiet, allowing you to cool your home without waking up the neighborhood.

The rapidness of cooling provided by a Quiet Cool whole house fan beats air conditioning every time. Air conditioners must labor hard go fight the hot air. Whole house fans use the power of positive and negative pressure to cool homes in minutes without expending large amounts of energy.

Quiet Cool whole house fans are not only efficient and affordable, they are also easy to store. The typical residential model has a diameter of 24- to 36 inches, so finding a place to install it is no problem, though larger homes and buildings may need a larger model.

Summer electric bills no longer need to cause you dread. No matter how hot it gets, when you have a Quiet Cool whole house fan, your home stays refreshingly cool while you save up to 80% on your energy costs.

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