With the holidays coming up, you may be wondering how you can best go about getting your home ready for decorations, parties, and long-term guests. A residential electrical contractor could be your ticket to upgraded appliances, a remodeled kitchen, and even the difference maker between having power and not having power when a bad winter storm rolls in.

What can an electrical contractor do for your home? A lot more than you might think.

If you’ve never called on a residential electrical contractor before, you may not know what services they offer or what they can do for you. It’s more than you think. It’s not just working with outlets and doing minor rewiring. An entire appliance installation can happen from an electrical contractor. Depending on your needs and the scope of your project, this might be exactly what you need to check off those to-do lists.

Below are some of the jobs that electrical contractors can provide residential customers. Take a look and see if you see your need below.


Any sort of kitchen or bathroom remodel isn’t just cosmetic. There’s a lot of functional parts to either room and you need a professional to make sure those functional parts are still working properly as you get through your remodel process. An electrical contractor can be the bridge between construction and design and actual functionality when you need your appliances and lights flipped back on.

Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is the center of electrical activity and control in your home. And you may not realize it could do with an upgrade. Out of date panels can start to become a liability for your house and damaged panels can even become a hazard. If you suspect the panel is bad or have not had it checked in a while, call an electrical contractor to take a look for you and offer installation advice.


Even if you don’t have a big project in the works, an electrical contractor can provide general home checks and maintenance throughout the electrical work of your home. If you have a bad outlet, an appliance on the fritz, power surges, or other day to day electrical issues, then a residential electrical contractor is your person to go to.

Related Questions

What Is the Difference from An Electrician?

An electrical contractor is not the same as an electrician. Electrical contractors are larger services that employ electricians and send them out for your jobs. They do a wider range of work and do more long-term work than a traditional electrician who may do a one and done job for your home. They are commercial, industrial, as well as residential.

How Much Does an Electrical Contractor Cost?

Depending on where you live and what services you need, prices vary. In general, the going rate per hour for an electrical job is somewhere between $40-$100 with an additional flat fee of up to $75 for the travel and labor expenses. For larger projects these numbers will grow and change depending on what you negotiate with your electrical contractor.

Electrical contractors are an option you may not have realized you had at your disposal. They have more resources than a traditional contractor and are able to tackle a wider range of jobs. Take a look at some local contractors and give them a call.

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