If this is the year you plan to change up your outdoor lighting, there’s going to be a few things to consider. Lighting looks flawless when it’s complete, but a lot of work and electrical planning went into making it look that way. Your electrician can handle the nitty-gritty parts, but you still need to make decisions about positioning, style, and location that are going to influence the work your electrician needs to do to make the lights be all that they can be.

Many homeowners go with the builder grade lightning outside or whatever came with the model of their home. But you don’t have to stick to the lightning the house as built with. Plenty of people make entire overhauls to their outdoor lightning with relative ease, as long as they are prepared and give all the information needed to the electricians setting up the fixtures.

Below are some things you should consider while you’re planning your lights to make the work for your electrician as easy as possible.

Consider the Façade

Not every lighting fixture is going to go with every house. This is true for both style and function. Look at your home’s outward design and consider the fixtures you want and where. Your façade is going to play a determining role in a lot of what you can do. Study it to best understand the needs and consult with experts to make sure you’re getting the style of fixtures that will work best with your home.

Match the Fixtures/Trim

Unless you’re redoing every outdoor fixture, you’re going to have existing ones. Make sure they match or at least complement each other. This is also true for the trim of your home. You don’t want something that you know you’re going to regret. Take into account everything about the exterior of your home to make the right decision before the install starts.


Your township or homeowner’s association may have specific requirements. You may have a limitation on outdoor fixtures, have a safety need, or have limitation on the type of modifications you can make to your lighting fixtures. Make sure you find out what these are so you’re not facing a fine later after the installation.

Related Questions

What size should my outdoor lights be?

Th rule of thumb is lanterns should be around 1/5th of the height and width of the doorway with the trim included. Freestanding fixtures should be the same size or bigger. An electrician will be able to help you get the right sizes and measurements.

Where should I position outdoor lights?

Remember that these lights perform a function, so you’ll want them in key traffic areas like doorways and driveways where you might be moving in the dark. They also should be at any outdoor entertaining space like a patio, deck, or porch.

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