As the days get longer and hotter, so does the use of air conditioners and that points to a higher electric bill. If you are trying to keep your monthly cost under control, we have a few tips.

How can you save money on your electric bill this summer?

As the days get warmer, this is a question we are all seeking the answer to. How do you keep your house cool without breaking the bank?

During the cold winter months, you couldn’t wait for the summer to be here. Now that it is here, you are concerned about our electric bill spiking out of control. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during the hottest months of the year should not break the bank.

Fifty percent of a home’s energy budget is the cost of heating and cooling. Ensuring the ventilation system is efficient is one way to save money and reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Two tips to aid in lowering your energy bill and usage:

• If you don’t need the air conditioner, turn it off.

• Use a thermostat that is programmable. Having a programmable thermostat permits you to set it for when the house is empty or everyone’s asleep. You can save 20 percent on your energy bill by having a thermostat you can program.

• Turn lights off whenever possible! Take advantage of the summer sun and let it light up your home instead of turning on lights which both generates heat and uses more energy.

Keep Your Vents Clean

Another way to keep a handle on your electric bill is to ensure your air conditioner is in top-notch functioning ability. This means keeping all coils, fins, and filters preserved and working efficiently.

Use Natural Ventilation

Take advantage of cool, breezy nights by opening the windows and turning off the air conditioner. In addition, you can use window coverings as more than just a window treatment. They can be used to block out the sun and heat and save energy.

Related Questions

Do ceiling fans help lower an electric bill?

It only costs about a penny per hour to run a ceiling fan. If you want to save money on your electric bill, use the fan more and the air conditioner less. Ceiling fans will also circulate the cool air throughout the room; therefore, setting the direction of the ceiling fan to pull the cooler air upward will help disperse it.

Why is my electric bill so high?

The cause of a high electric bill is usually because of the appliances that are plugged in. If any of these are going bad, it will use more electricity than before.

This article has shown some of the best ways to lower your energy this summer. As mentioned, ensure appliances are in good working order and all vents are clean to ensure the most energy savings. Another option worth looking into is a whole house fan so make sure to speak to a licensed electrician to learn about your options.

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