If you’ve ever experienced a power outage – whether it be through a work crew interference, extreme weather conditions, or simply an outage caused by old utility transformers – you know what it’s like to be caught without the lights on. On the other hand, if you’ve never experienced a sudden outage, purchasing a home generator may feel like an unnecessary investment.

There are many reasons why a backup power system for your home is beneficial and worth the investment.

After all, why invest in something that’s rarely used? However, when you stop and think about it, there are many reasons why home generators are well worth your time and money. We’re outlining the reasons why home generators are essential for convenience, sustainability, survival, and peace of mind. Stay plugged-in.

What Is A Generator?

Simply put, generators are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. They keep the lights on, control heating and air-conditioning, and are the source of power for everything from televisions and blow dryers to refrigerators and cell phones.


In 2018, Americans spent almost 10 percent of their disposable income on food. We all know grocery bills are steep, so don’t let one power outage spoil your food and leave you tossing everything from a half-empty milk carton to newly-purchased vegetables. With a home generator, you won’t be throwing money into the garbage when the unthinkable happens.

Sump Pump

If your power goes out due to inclement weather, you’re at an increased risk for flooding if you don’t have an in-home generator to fall back on.

Why? Most homes have what’s called a sump pump in the basement that works to pump away unwanted water and subsequently prevent water damage. The sump pump needs power to pump and without a backup source, you may be looking at thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage should floodwaters wreak havoc.


If there’s inclement or, god-forbid, catastrophic weather, you’ll need heat to stay warm, electronics to stay informed, and food to last for several days.

Home generators can also save your electric car if there’s an outage. Don’t let a power outage leave you physically stranded if you’ve got essential errands to run.

…And Beyond

Believe it or not, there are reasons beyond worst-case scenarios that make owning a home generator worth it.

Do you work from home or run a home business? Do you enjoy hosting outdoor events? Do you camp? Do you love DIY-ing your home with the use of power tools? Home generators come in handy for all of the above! Keep your business up-and-running even when the power is out, charge electronics while camping and hosting outdoor get-togethers, or use the supplemental power to run power tools.

Peace of Mind

The truth is, we can’t plan anything in life. Emergencies can strike at any moment and what may feel like a minor inconvenience can quickly transform into a week-long ordeal. Aside from food, heating, and flooding, you may have more immediate power needs. Does someone in your family require a medical device powered by electricity, such as a respirator? Don’t waste energy worrying about what will happen to your family should an average day turn upside down. Despite the physical cost, a backup power source provides peace of mind. Where we’re standing – that’s priceless.

Related Questions

What Are My Options When it Comes to Home Generators?

Portable generators, which require a manual start, and automatic generators, which automatically begin generating power when the power goes out. While a heftier investment, automatic generators carry larger heating and air conditioning loads and require easier installation. Automatic generators are also quieter and fully enclosed, meaning they’re protected from inclement weather.

Are They Worth the Investment?

It’s true, home generators can cost a pretty penny. But staying proactive will always pay off, both metaphorically and literally. Start your investment off right by having it properly installed by a licensed electrician.


Where will you be when emergency strikes? Hopefully, prepared. Installing a home generator may seem burdensome and expensive, but for many of us, losing power can be life-threatening and it’s impossible to put a price-tag on survival.

More questions on the benefits of home generators? Bratcher Electric can help! We are a full-service electrical contracting firm that has been working with and taking care of its customers for 50 years.

We will work with you regarding every aspect of your home generator. Answering all of your questions and making sure you choose the best generator for your home or business is our priority. Call us to learn more about installing a Stanby Generator and how it will bring you peace of mind and convenience during a power failure!