Another way to improve your basement living space, and to make it safer, is to make sure you have the proper electrical service for your needs. That is especially important if you use a lot of electronic equipment, such as computers, an HDTV, treadmill or power equipment in a workshop. Mike Brachter from Brachter Electric, (734) 722-0037,, recommends upgrading your electrical panel from fuses to circuit breakers and having dedicated circuits if you have electronics, appliances or exercise equipment in your basement.

“Unfortunately, I still see people plugging their treadmill or refrigerator into an overhead light socket,” Mike says. He also added that you should plug all your computers and electrical equipment into surge suppressors rather than just into wall plugs or extension cords.

Improved lighting is also vital to make the most of your basement living. By nature, basements tend to be dark because of the lack of outside light. But you can easily upgrade the lighting in your basement with recessed lighting if you have a drop-ceiling, or track lighting, which can be used even in an unfinished basement. There are also great floor lamps that are a much brighter and attractive option than standard table lamps.