As houses age, we notice it in different ways. There are more creaks than you remember, nail pops, dips in the floor, cracks in the wall or ceiling. But do you know the signs of a house in desperate need of rewiring? The electrical components of your house age just as the other hardware does. Not having your wiring periodically checked or leaving obvious signs of rewiring needs can result in damage and even fires.

We’ve put together the 5 top signs that something needs to be done with the wiring in your home.

See if you recognize any of the signs below

Burning Smell

Have you noticed a persistent burning smell in your home despite no candles or incense going? First, check all appliances and places where an open flame may be to rule out the usual causes. If you still cannot locate the source of the smell, you’ll want to call a professional electrician to offer a full inspection of your home to determine if electricity is the cause of the burning scent and how rewiring can help.

Flickering Lights

Most of the time, flickering or dull lights are the result of a bad bulb. But if you’ve changed out the bulb recently and still found the flickering and dimness is present, there may be a problem with the electric. This is especially true if you’ve got this happening with multiple lights throughout your house.

Discolored Outlets

Faulty wiring in an outlet can cause arcing and sparks to be thrown. When this happens it can cause discoloration, burning, and staining along the outlets. This is a safety hazard and a pretty serious sign of needed rewiring, especially if you’re seeing the outlet though, you need to act immediately to get an electrician to look and determine next step.

Blow Fuses

Your circuit breaker is designed to cut off current when the flows exceed designed and safe amounts. Fuses may blow more frequently if you need rewiring as the level of amps your electrical system can take gets lower and lower as the house ages.

Electrical Shocks

Have you been shocked by an outlet? Even the smallest shock is a big deal. Your outlets and switches shouldn’t be shocking you and receiving shocks from outlets can be incredibly dangerous. If you’ve been shocked, you need to talk to an electrician to determine if your outlets are safe.

Related Questions

How Often Should I Rewire My House?

If you don’t have a specific problem, you should plan to rewire your home every two decades, depending on how the electrics are holding up. You should have your home inspected by an electrician more frequently than that, however.

Why Do I Need Rewiring?

Trends and best practices in electrics improves and changes while the wiring in your home does not unless you get it looked at. Your wiring in your home can quickly become out of date if you don’t have it examined and rewired as recommended. This can cause safety hazards and even cause your house not to pass inspections if you’re looking to resell.

Don’t leave wiring issues in your home go. It’s dangerous and you can find yourself in serious trouble if you don’t have your house properly looked at by a professional electrician.

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