Storing light bulbs can be tricky if you don’t have the original container, they came in. Light bulbs are delicate and when they break, they tend to shatter. You want to keep them protected but don’t want to make a mess of your storage area. The trick is getting thrifty with your materials, maximizing space, and making sure everything is labeled correctly for the next time you’re rummaging around in your storage area.

An electrical contractor has a variety of tips and answers to your lighting needs and solutions.

The good news is you can store light bulbs utilizing a lot of materials you have sitting around your home and aren’t being used. Leftover wrapping or tissue paper, unused cardboard tubes from paper dispenser, there’s plenty of options for you if you use your imagination.

Below are just some common ticks to storing light bulbs in your home if you don’t have their original packaging anymore.

Newspaper or Tissue Paper

This is an old standby that’s suitable for virtually any type of light bulb. Take each light bulb and individually wrap them in tissue paper or newspaper until it is completely covered. It helps to lightly tape the small bundles to keep the protective outer paper intact. This can be done with any bulb and used for storage in any container, just make sure not to store anything heavy on top of the box’s contents.

Ornament Boxes

Ornament boxes are designed to hold delicate and breakable items, considering most ornaments are made out of some form of glass. This is particularly great for fluorescent bulbs, as the box keeps the bulbs separate from each other and prevents them from knocking together. This is a great way to store light bulbs without needing to wrap them up.

Empty Wrapper Tubes

One ultra-safe way too store fluorescent bulbs is inside leftover rolls from paper towels or toilet paper. These narrow tubes are great for holding these narrow bulbs and can prevent damage without needing too wrap the bulbs up in material. This also gives you a way too store them together without worry of damage.

Related Questions

Is there a particular climate I should store them in?

It’s always smart to go with a cool, dry place to preserve the integrity of the light bulb and it’s conductor components. Try to avoid humidity and extremes in heat.

What kind of boxes can I store them in?

You can use virtually anything as long as you can make sure the bulbs won’t bang around into each other. Fill extra space in a box with tissue or use an ornament box with individual separators.

You can find plenty of tips and tricks out there. Take a look around and the clutter in your home and see what you can use to make sure your light bulbs are safe.

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