Everybody wants to know “what’s new” when they go to an auto show, a garden show, or a pool and spa show. The Oct. 10-12 Fall Remodeling and Design Expo at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi featured the Green Lifestyles Pavilion. The pavilion was a 20-foot-by-50-foot display area with companies exhibiting their green and energy-saving products and services.

These are some of the things that really caught my eye.

* Outdoor and indoor LED lighting: LED lighting products for outdoors and indoors are becoming more and more popular because they use less energy compared to incandescent lamps, and last longer, eliminating the need to change bulbs as frequently.

Ron Krueger from Garden Innovations, (248) 520-3104, was showing the Kichler LED accent lighting system for the first time. It not only can save you money on electricity and replacement bulbs, but they are brighter than your average garden accent lights. These lights come in 4.5, 8.5 and12.4 watts, with beam spreads of 10 feet, 35 feet or 60 feet wide.

Krueger said these lights can be integrated into a current accent lighting system, and the bulbs last 40,000 hours. The compact size is easy to submerge in a home’s landscaping area.

Speaking of lights, do you have cathedral ceilings or a two-story great room with recessed lights? If you’re tired of using extension poles and ladders, or hiring someone to change bulbs when they burn out, I found something for you. LED lights are also big on the inside of the home these days, and Halo’s LED recessed lighting units are becoming popular because of their 50,000-hour projected life versus a standard, recessed-lighting unit that lasts approximately 2,000 hours. According to Mike Bratcher of Bratcher Electric, (734) 722-0037, www.bratcherelectric.com, who was exhibiting the new Halo LED units, each unit can be retrofitted into any current recessed lighting system.