Have you ever tried looking for some ways to keep your house cool that doesn’t involve a huge A/C bill? While no one wants to install window units or clog their rooms with noisy fans, you need to keep your house cool even when you don’t utilize or have access to central air. The QuietCool fan is an incredible new option for those looking to stay safe and cool in warmer weather while keeping their energy bill and energy footprint in check.

The QuietCool fan has revolutionized the way you can keep your house cool.

It not only keeps your house at reasonable temperatures, but it also knocks out a huge chunk of your energy bill each month by utilizing different technology to get the same results. There’s plenty of good reasons to have your local professional electrician install a QuietCool fan system in your home.

Below are some of the benefits you will find with a QuietCool fan. Take a look for yourself…


As the name suggests, QuietCool fans are incredibly, well, quiet. The whole house fan QuietCool is only about as loud as a single A/C return. For that level of noise, it keeps your entire home cool. Not to mention, it’s ideal for sleeping with it on so your house remains cool while you get rest. There’s no shutting it off in the middle of the night because it’s too noisy.

Energy Efficient

Because it is not an A/C unit, it uses far less energy and that difference will matter when you get your bill. These systems can save you anywhere from 50% all the way to 90% on your energy bill, depending on your home and the system you were using before. The QuietCool fan helps you keep your A/C system shut off, even during the hottest times of the day, as it keeps your home cool and your energy usage down.

Easy Install

Having a local electrical contractor install a QuietCool system is incredibly easy. There’s no joist cutting, and it takes up minimal space in the attic when it’s installed. The structural integrity of the attic remains intact while the whole installation process itself takes a fraction of the time most home fan unit installations take.

Related Questions

How Does It Work?

During the times of the day that outdoor temperatures are cooler than indoor temperatures, the QuietCool fan will pull the cool air into your home. This helps keep the temperature of your home, on average, up to 80 degrees. All this happens without an A/C unit.

Where Can I Purchase One?

There are plenty of authorized dealers out there who can help sell you a QuietCool system. While you can install yourself, it is not recommended. Having a professional, electrical contractor take on the task for you is recommended.

Keep your home cool for a fraction of the money it would cost you with a traditional A/C system. If you are looking for an authorized dealer for QuietCool House Fans, Bratcher Electric can help. We offer commercial  and residential electrical services throughout Michigan and understand the importance of keeping your electrical service operating and safe. As a Premier Authorized QuietCool Dealer we can answer your questions and install a system with tremendous benefits.

All of our electricians are licensed and insured and make every effort to ensure our customers obtain the service and reliability they deserve. Call us today to learn more and set up a Free Consultation!