Electrical dangers exist everywhere and electrical emergencies can happen in your own home. In fact, your home can be an especially dangerous place for electrical problems because you may not notice them, or your kids may find them before you do. There are some important rules you should follow and implement in your family to keep everyone safe.

You need to keep an eye on outlets, chords, light switches, hot water heaters, power lines and more.

There’s a lot more that goes into safety at home for electrical components than you realize and many hidden dangers in the electrical work of your home. Ground rules are the way to keep everyone safe.

Below are the five must follow rules to keep your home safe.

Stay Away from Broken Power Lines

If a power line breaks or the pole is damaged by weather or accident, stay far away from it and call the police immediately. You must treat every damaged pole and wire as if it were a “live” wire and make sure to keep your kids far away from it. If the power line is resting on a vehicle do not touch or go near the vehicle and make sure any passengers remain in the car.

Unplug Any Appliance Not Working Correctly

If an appliance isn’t working, working poorly, heating up, or throwing sparks, unplug it immediately to cut off a power source. Even after it is unplugged, have a professional look at the appliance and the outlet it was plugged into, rather than trying to fix it yourself.

Unplug Unnecessary Appliances When Not in Use

When you’re not using items like toasters, blenders, hair dryers, and other single use appliances, don’t leave them plugged in. When an appliance is plugged in, even when it’s off, it’s connected to an active power source and can become dangerous. Unplug anything you’re not using.

Limit Use of Extension Cords

Extension cords have a dangerous tendency of overheating. If they become pinched in doors or are run through walls, they can become a serious fire hazard. Damage to the cord’s insulation, in anyway, can be detrimental to the safety and function of the cord. Limit their use and use the properly.

Keep All Electricity Away from Water

This is a no brainer but it’s sometimes not as obvious as you think. Toaster sitting too close to kitchen sinks where water can splash and hair dryers with the cords sitting close to the shower, sink, or toilet are examples of not obvious hazards of appliances and water.

Related Questions

Can I Use Outdoor Appliances in the Rain?

You should never use outdoor appliances in damp or rainy weather. These appliances use a lot of power and if they get wet it could be a huge danger and fire hazard.

Are Thunderstorms Dangerous?

You may not have believed your parents when they said to come indoors during a thunderstorm, but they can be incredibly dangerous. If you find yourself caught in a thunderstorm, stay low, and make sure only your shoes are touching the ground.

Practice these electrical safety habits in your home and life and make sure your family does the same. If you have any questions or concerns about electrical use or safety in your home or business call a licensed electrician for advice or help.

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